Be a Leader of Character & Heart

Dear Leaders,

My letter to you this week is a personal reflection on the World’s Largest Gathering of Inside Sales Leaders… The AA-ISP Leadership Summit which took place in Chicago this past week.   The conference brought together 700 Inside Sales leaders to learn, network and share.  Although the topics covered, the relevant content, the audience participation, and the technology expo were all outstanding, the real story had to do with the heart within the community.

A live tweet during the conference said it all… “what an inspiring event, run with so much heart”.

My opening comments took time to frame this incredible movement and the heart and values which binds us together.  Values such as volunteerism, caring for others, open mindedness, and the belief that  the whole is greater than any single individual.  Its these values that point to the heartbeat behind the community.  It’s the very reason we have grown and benefited from each other’s participation.  You see, all  of the beneficial tips and best practices, although very helpful, won’t get us there alone.  It’s the value system which binds us together that will.  It’s the common bond of brothers and sisters in our profession that adhere to the fact that people are our most important resource! These values will insure the health of our profession for generations to come!

As I closed my comments early on Tuesday morning I challenged attendees on yet another value.  A value which is often over-looked.  A consultant once said that “… the best Fortune 500 companies teach ethics, but West Point teaches Character…” I went on to read excerpts from the book, The West Point Way of Leadership, and how Character is a foundational value.  Leaders with Character always do the right thing for benefit of the team… while nobody is looking. I challenged everyone in attendance to adopt this value as we continue to improve and evolve as a profession and community.


If you would like to experience this true “heart” of our growing community, get involved in the association. Make it out to Denver for our Frontline conference in June.  Frontline conferences differ somewhat from the Leadership Summit in that they are geared for Inside Sales reps and their managers. Although they are one day vs. the Summit’s three, they come with a huge helping of “heart”.

We hope to see our members at an IS2015 frontline event or Executive Retreat sometime between now and the next Summit in April 2016!

Until next time, good leading.  And remember, Inside Sales has Heart!


Five Reasons Why Every Inside Sales Leader Should Attend the AA-ISP Summit

Dear Leaders, my note to you this week has to do with attending the AA-ISP Leadership Summit. If you have anything to do with Inside Sales Leadership, this is a MUST ATTEND event. LS15-LogoTall

Here’s why:

  1. IT’S FAMILY: Time and time again we hear feedback that going to the Summit each year is like a family reunion.  People give hugs to new friends that haven’t seen each other all year.  This is a testament to the very fabric of the association and our community.  People genuinely care about others. They toss aside all personal differences and simply enjoy being around like-minded, passionate professionals.  Attendees all share a commonality of devoting their careers to inside sales.  Who wouldn’t want to attend and be around friends who share such a common bond and kinship?
  2. IT PROVIDES PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The reason we have never hosted a Summit in Las Vegas is because our members thrive on learning and getting better… and they are serious about it.  They could care less about all the entertainment you might see at other conferences.  Look inside the main room or any breakout session and you will see a room filled with hundreds of pens taking notes.  If you want to learn, this is the place to be!
  3. IT SUPPORTS SHARING OF IDEAS: In addition to great learning, you will find great sharing of ideas at each AA-ISP conference.  Our members are passionate about trying new things and learning from others.  You will hear ideas that never occurred to you.  And the best part about it is you can go back to your team and try them out.
  4. IT SHOWCASES THE LATEST TECHNOLOGIES: The 2015 AA-ISP Top Challenges research had Tools & Technologies in the top four!  The Summit’s Service Provider Technology Expo contains over 50 exhibits, many of whom are launching new and exciting tools that are perfectly designed for a virtual sales rep.  Take a test drive on some of the new apps and find out for yourself how they can help you and your team be more productive.
  5. ADVANCE YOUR CAREER: Those who attend each Leadership Summit are an elite group… they are the best of the best.   They know the importance of interacting with other great leaders and developing friendships and even mentorships.  They are the ones to more often advance their career.  They are the true thought leaders within our growing community.

Come join us on April 21-22 in Chicago.  Come and experience over 700 like-minded inside sales leaders like yourself.  Claim “I’m In” and join the movement…  of helping to take inside sales to yet the next level of professionalism and performance!

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