International Inside Sales is on the Rise!

Call it what you want, “Inside Sales”, “virtual sales”, “digital sales”, or just plain “sales”… the Inside Sales movement, which was galvanized as a community by the AA-ISP just 7 years ago, is on the rise globally.

On a recent AA-ISP webinar, international consulting expert, Anneke Seley, noted the various ways countries outside of the US are choosing to deploy this powerful resource: “Many multinational companies are electing to reinvest in and grow their overseas locations to support the buying engagement preferences across regions such as Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Rim”.  Another webinar panelist, Erik Hammar, AA-ISP VP of International, went on to state “The acceptance of virtual selling practices from a cultural standpoint is certainly on the rise across the entire globe.  Hubs such as Dublin have seen a huge influx in sales reps who move there to fill jobs created by such global giants as SAP & IBM”. The IDA (Irish Development Agency) has taken a keen interest in multinational companies of all sizes who are looking to expand their European Inside Sales operations by considering employee growth in such ideal locations as Ireland, UK, and Spain.

The global surge in Inside Sales is not just in Europe.  “Sales leaders from every country and region want to tap into some of the selling and leadership best practices, training, and supporting technologies that have been so prevalent in the last few years in the U.S.”, stated AA-ISP’s Founder & Chairman, Bob Perkins.  Perkins went on to discuss how the association has increased its focus and resources on its international support to meet this growing need.  Take–for example–that in the past year alone, over 10 local chapters were added to such countries as India, Australia, Romania, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, and Spain.  Romanian Chapter President, Vasile Stoica, is an experienced sales leader who saw a need in Romania for training and development.  He contacted the AA-ISP to see how they could help support his country’s need around virtual selling tips and best practices. After hearing about the Chapter program and member benefits such as the webinar series, Vasile decided he wanted to start a local Chapter in his hometown of Bucharest.  “I am excited to build a strong Chapter here in Romania which provides support to this growing profession of Inside Sales”, declared Stoica.

The AA-ISP continues to look outside of the US for the next big surge in Inside Sales adoption and job creation. In addition to a recently launched International Webinar Series, the AA-ISP will host its first international leadership conference, Inside Sales World, in Dublin on November 18th, 2015.

For more information on how you can get involved in the association or in a Chapter near you, visit

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