Five Reasons Why Every Inside Sales Leader Should Attend the AA-ISP Summit

Dear Leaders, my note to you this week has to do with attending the AA-ISP Leadership Summit. If you have anything to do with Inside Sales Leadership, this is a MUST ATTEND event. LS15-LogoTall

Here’s why:

  1. IT’S FAMILY: Time and time again we hear feedback that going to the Summit each year is like a family reunion.  People give hugs to new friends that haven’t seen each other all year.  This is a testament to the very fabric of the association and our community.  People genuinely care about others. They toss aside all personal differences and simply enjoy being around like-minded, passionate professionals.  Attendees all share a commonality of devoting their careers to inside sales.  Who wouldn’t want to attend and be around friends who share such a common bond and kinship?
  2. IT PROVIDES PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The reason we have never hosted a Summit in Las Vegas is because our members thrive on learning and getting better… and they are serious about it.  They could care less about all the entertainment you might see at other conferences.  Look inside the main room or any breakout session and you will see a room filled with hundreds of pens taking notes.  If you want to learn, this is the place to be!
  3. IT SUPPORTS SHARING OF IDEAS: In addition to great learning, you will find great sharing of ideas at each AA-ISP conference.  Our members are passionate about trying new things and learning from others.  You will hear ideas that never occurred to you.  And the best part about it is you can go back to your team and try them out.
  4. IT SHOWCASES THE LATEST TECHNOLOGIES: The 2015 AA-ISP Top Challenges research had Tools & Technologies in the top four!  The Summit’s Service Provider Technology Expo contains over 50 exhibits, many of whom are launching new and exciting tools that are perfectly designed for a virtual sales rep.  Take a test drive on some of the new apps and find out for yourself how they can help you and your team be more productive.
  5. ADVANCE YOUR CAREER: Those who attend each Leadership Summit are an elite group… they are the best of the best.   They know the importance of interacting with other great leaders and developing friendships and even mentorships.  They are the ones to more often advance their career.  They are the true thought leaders within our growing community.

Come join us on April 21-22 in Chicago.  Come and experience over 700 like-minded inside sales leaders like yourself.  Claim “I’m In” and join the movement…  of helping to take inside sales to yet the next level of professionalism and performance!

Who’s training who?

Dear Leaders,

My note to you today picks up on last month’s letter around developing tomorrow’s leaders.  As I spoke about, a sneak preview of the yet released 2015 AA-ISP Top Challenges Research lists training & development the #1 issue for leaders and the #2 challenge for frontline reps.

My point today is simple; we need to TRAIN MANAGERS FIRST, instead of 2nd.  That’s right… so often we see an organization roll out a training program to the sales floor leaving the managers behind… or it might include them as a participant in the same training as the reps.

4 reasons it’s critical to train your manager first:

  1. Set the development tone. What this means is a manager’s skills, competencies, and attributes are front and center, and highly visible to the entire team.  For example, if a manager doesn’t understand the importance of using “open ended” questions during the sales process, it will be difficult for them to transfer this skill to the team.
  2. Establishing a learning environment. At the end of the day, it’s a rep’s manager who holds ultimate responsibility for the development of their team.  Now, they may use trainers or other resources to actually do the training, but the successful development of a team and the learning environment they create, must come from the leaders themselves.  Thus it only makes sense to train managers first so they understand all of the nuances and requirements of leading
  3. Equip the Coach. An effective leader needs to be an effective coach.  Would you expect a brand new coach who had one year of experience as a high-school assistant take on an NFL position?  Of course not.  The same holds true with sales leadership.  You need to make absolutely sure you are developing your managers first so they have the skills required to be the effective coach that the team needs.
  4. Lead by Example. Managers who are invested in training set an important example to their followers that training is a life-long process.  It also tells others that they would not “ask others to do that which they do themselves”.

I hope you found my letter helpful.  Please share your tips and ideas around this important topic by leaving a comment below.

For a deeper dive into this critical issue, please attend the upcoming AA-ISP Executive Briefing this Thursday on the topic of developing tomorrow’s leaders!

I’ll write you again in a few weeks!



MentorDear leaders, my message to you this week is about developing others.

It’s a serious message that needs our attention.

Last year at the April Leadership Summit, I announced that 2014 was “The Year of Training & Development”.  I did this as our annual research indicated that developing individuals was a top challenge.  Our 2015 research is almost completed and I will offer a sneak preview.  Leaders rated training and development their number one challenge and frontline reps ranked it their second challenge…talk about a correlated issue between reps and leaders – wow!

This brief note will focus on developing tomorrow’s leaders.  Let me start by saying we have a huge gap between job openings and qualified candidates to fill them at the mid to senior levels.  I am bombarded with recruiter calls each month looking for candidates.  Recently, a company was forced to actually lower the level of an inside sales leadership opening from SVP to VP because they could not find any candidates after searching for 9 months!  And the problem is only getting worse as our profession sees unprecedented growth at all levels.  To further make my point, a Fortune 50 firm contacted me recently asking for referrals to fill a position at an executive level heading up inside sales which reports directly to the COO…yep, Fortune 50!

I urge all leaders reading this note to minimally consider the following best practices:

  • Draft a strategic plan to develop individuals to either assume management roles or to move from Manager to Director to VP.
  • Get all of your potentials into the AA-ISP Mentor Program. It’s a great way for less experienced managers to interact with more senior level leaders.
  • Consider leadership training. There are some high-quality programs available from frontline management to more senior leadership development through some top universities.
  • Enroll in the AISM™ Leadership Accreditation Program and get your management team enrolled! Administered by the AA-ISP, there is no other program like it available to our profession.  It covers progressive, inside sales-specific leadership courses and practicums such as Performance Management, Rewards & Recognition, Compensation Plan Design, Selling the Value of Inside Sales, to name just a few.

Finally, be sure to attend the next AA-ISP Executive Briefing:  Developing the Next Generation of Inside Sales Leaders, on Thursday March 26th, at 2:00 PM EST. The briefing will cover research, findings, and discussion surrounding the challenges facing our profession. Topics include The Leadership Gap, Training and Development best practices, AISM™ Accreditation, and a Q&A session with presenters.

Visit the AA-ISP events calendar to register today!

Please share your thoughts and comments on this important topic!

Until next time, good leading!



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